Top Tips to Ease Arthritis Pain

If you have been experiencing the excruciating pain of arthritis, then you probably have tried different medications already just to ease the pain. Most often than not, patients with arthritis would try the common tricks with heating pads, pain killers, ibuprofen and few others. For some, one or two of these medications have worked while others haven’t found yet the right treatment for them.

If you are still in pain because of this debilitating disease, this page has rounded up the top tips to ease arthritis pain that you can follow. Several researches and studies proved that the following tips can alleviate arthritis pain and inflammation and make your life easier and pain-free again. Here’s how!

  • Take more vitamin C and D. Experts have found that deficiencies in vitamin C and D can cause arthritis pain. That is why it is suggested that you take more vitamin D to slow down the occurrence of osteoarthritis; and vitamin C to prolong the loss of cartilage cause by the same disease. These vitamins can be obtained through supplements or by eating foods that are rich in vitamin C and D. Moreover, to lessen the risk of arthritis, you must take 500 to 1,000 mg of vitamin C and 400 IU of vitamin D.
  • Improve your metabolism. It is said that problems in metabolism is a factor why arthritis pain occurs. Hence, it is essential to keep your diet in check. You must eat foods that are healthy and can’t cause allergies such as vegetables, fruits, whole grain, fish and nuts.
  • Drink green tea. Studies revealed that green tea can relieve arthritis pain because of the polyphenols compounds it contains. Polyphenols have the ability to contain a gene that triggers arthritis pain. To obtain best results, try consuming at least two cups of green tea every day.
  • Use therapeutic taping. This is one of the top tips to ease arthritis pain that can support and realign your joints while taking off the strain from them. A certain study in Australia has found out that 73% of people who have arthritis experienced less symptoms after using therapeutic taping for three weeks. It also showed that this kind of treatment has long lasting effect and benefits to osteoarthritis. If you want to try this method, it is best to consult a healthcare expert who can show you how to properly use the wrapping tape.
  • Take Provailen. This is one of the best arthritis supplements that you can take as an alternative to prescribed or over-the-counter medications. Provailen is a natural product that is free from any anti-inflammatory substance and side effects making it safe and effective. Another good thing about this arthritis supplement is that it can alleviate joint pain and inflammation without the possibility of you getting addicted to it. Moreover, with Provailen you will easily feel less pain, reduced joint swelling and improved mobility.

These top tips to ease arthritis pain can bring your life to normal again. If you will follow them seriously, you will likely feel an improvement in your joints every time you wake up. So, why not get started with these tips now and take your Provailen in a daily basis. Be pain-free!

Top 6 Natural Arthritis Treatments

Arthritis has taken a toll on the happiness of someone who is experiencing it. The pain it causes can be unbearable and can limit the activities of a person. If you are into this dilemma, you certainly know how it feels to bear arthritis every day.

The good thing is, there are natural treatments for arthritis that can help ease the pain. These remedies are proven to heal and provide relief to inflammation and joint pain. To know a few of them, consider the following:

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Top 6 Natural Treatments for Arthritis

  • Heat or cold treatment. This is recommended by most doctors because it can reduce the many symptoms of arthritis. Cold compress can lessen inflammation and joint swelling while heat compress helps stimulate blood flow and relax your muscles.
  • Mind and body therapy. Several studies revealed the benefits of mind and body therapy to arthritis. Though it cannot directly alleviate the pain, it can enhance your perception to it and helps manage stress. You can also feel a great improvement in your sleep.
  • Herbs. Alternative herbs are proven to reduce arthritis pain and any other illnesses. Herbs can flush out toxins and waste products from your body that cause inflammation when left circulating throughout your system. They have the ability to support the cleansing functions of your large intestines and kidneys. They can also assist lymph drainage and improve blood flow. Herbs that help alleviate arthritis pain and inflammation include Flax, Burdock Root, Nettles, Turmeric and Licorice.
  • Exercise. This is another natural treatment for arthritis that will not only benefit arthritis but your overall health as well. Nonetheless, you still need to consider the best exercises for arthritis that won’t cause more pain in your joints. You need exercises that will improve your cardiovascular endurance and body strength like aquatic exercise. Swimming can help you burn calories and fats without overdoing your joints or putting heavy burdens on it. On the other hand, yoga and gentle stretching will help your body get back in motion effectively.
  • Diet. When it all comes down to it, the severity or reduction of arthritis pain will depend on your diet. If you are not being watchful with what you eat, it might trigger more pain and inflammation in your joints. That is why, it is important that you consider a healthy diet good for arthritis. You must eat healthy and organic foods especially those filled with fiber and fatty acids. You should avoid processed and unhealthy foods that can trigger allergy sensitivity.
  • Provailen. This is a natural supplement that can relieve arthritis pain because of its ingredients. Provailen contains Reishi, a beneficial fungus that will enhance your immunity function while alleviating the pain you are experiencing. Provailen also has Capsaicin that is proven to lessen arthritis pain and inflammation. This natural supplement is free of any harmful substances making it safe to use without worrying for any possible side effects.

These top 6 natural treatments for arthritis can be very useful if you take them into account now.  With Provailen and the other treatments, you will surely feel a great improvement in your body especially in joints area.

Provailen and Joint Pain Relief

Several arthritis medications are available in the market today, both over-the-counter drugs and prescription ones. These medications range from pain relievers such as analgesics, the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS and corticosteroids which relieve pain and inflammation on the joints, and the Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs or DMARDS which modify the body’s response to infection and diseases, among many others.

However, several concerns accompany the use of these medications, especially those considered as “first-line” ones (Wikipedia cited first-line medications as “ first-line therapy usually recommended on the basis of clinical evidence for its efficacy in the population at large”).The issue on the side effects emerges and has always become a discomfort, if not a possible threat, to one’s health.

Because of the possible threats that these serious medications pose, people seek better and safer alternatives to relieve joint pains. With the advancement of technology in the recent years, production of supplements with all-natural ingredients are made possible and are readily available in the market.

Provailen and Joint Pain Relief are two of the most powerful supplements available to ease joint pains and prevent arthritis.


Provailen is made of all-natural ingredients while the Joint Relief Pain provides the supplement for the main component of the joint cartilage.

Reishi, Tongkat Ali and Capsaicin are the main ingredients of Provailen. Provailen, being an herbal supplement, is a safer alternative to prevent the development of arthritis. Reishi’s potency equals that of the hydrocortisone, a drug injected to the joints affected by arthritis.

Joint Pain Relief, on the other hand, is primarily made of glucosamine—a precursor to glucoaminoglycans which are the primary component of the cartilage. Its combination with chondroitin and Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) make it a powerful supplement to combat arthritis pains.

Both having natural composition which are well-researched and are clinically tested, make them the safest and most effective supplements to ease arthritis pains.



With Joint Pain Relief, you can lessen the risk of arthritis brought about by several factors such as age, genes, physical activities, occupations and weight problems. Its revolutionary formula provides replenishment to the deteriorating major composition of the cartilages. It is a better alternative to avoid major knee surgeries and steroid injections.

In the same manner, Provailen targets the source of arthritis pains by its all-natural ingredients derived from plants. Provailen help ease the inflammation caused by arthritis, while preventing the patients from suffering from side effects such as kidney and liver damage, stomach ulcers, heart diseases and intetinal bleeding, commonly caused by anti-inflammatory drugs for arthritis.


Provailen and Joint Pain relief are both developed with comprehensive clinical studies. Thir study focused on how to relieve arthritis pains and what better alternative to offer in lieu of the mainstream arthritis medications which may cause several side effects.

Provailen conducted extensive studies about the natural ingredients that may help patients with arthritis. They focused mainly on the development of a supplement containing natural ingredients and maximizing its health benefits.

Joint Pain Relief, on the other hand, developed their formulation according to the joint and cartilage composition. It aims to provide the deficiency in the physical and chemical components of the joints and cartilages.

Provailen and Joint Pain Relief

Provailen and Joint Pain Relief and Provailen being supplements need not be bought with prescriptions, unlike the first-line medications. This provides convenience for the patients without worrying about the safe dosage.

Both supplements come in capsule form, packed with all the powerful ingredients that you need to ease arthritis pains.

People with arthritis now have better options for the treatment of the disease. Surgeries and dependency on steroids will be minimized with healthier and safer alternatives in the form of these all-natural supplements.

Qigong for Arthritis

People with arthritis find it hard to deal with different activities everyday. The joints are stiffened by the pain caused by inflammation. In order to relieve joint pains that can occur in different parts of the body, most people take medications, especially in the advanced stages of arthritis.

Arthritis and Meniscal Tear

Some also prefer to undergo special exercises and various physical therapy activities. Ironically, though, arthritis may also result from doing rigorous exercises and trainings. The meniscal tear is one of the common knee injuries for people engaged in sports and rigorous physical trainings. Osteoarthritis and meniscal tear have exactly the same symptoms such as pain, stiffness and swelling. Menisci are the cartilages that act as a “shock-absorber” between the thighbone and the shinbone. It may also thin out as people age so even just a simple accident may cause the tear.

With meniscal tear, arthritis is easily developed. Torn menisci may develop inflammation through time. A simple meniscal tear may have chances of healing, but those whose tear is quite massive may need to undergo surgery through arthroscopy.

Qigong: A Good Exercise for People with Arthritis

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Since arthritis can cause limited movement or even immobility on the joints, exercise can actually play a part in alleviating the disease. In fact, people who undergo arthroscopy are given specially-designed exercises in order to rehabilitate the affected joint. However, patients should carefully choose the activities he would like to undertake in order not to cause much tension on the affected parts.

One good exercise is the Qigong (qi refers to a vital energy that flows through all things; gong is a skill that is cultivated through steady practice). Qigong is part of the ancient Chinese health care system, some 2,500 years ago, which is practiced to cultivate energy.

What makes Qigong a beneficial exercise is that it integrates the physical and mental aspects of our body. Its holistic approach aims to improve physical posture, breathing techniques and focused attention.

Qigong involves slow, rhythmic movements that can be easily adapted by people of all ages, and even physically-challenged people. It helps reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality and enhance the immune system, thus contributing to the overall wellness and development of a positive outlook in life.

Several studies suggest that Qigong plays a vital role in different parts of the body system such as the cardiovascular, digestive, and musculoskeletal aspects.

Qigong and the Musculoskeletal System

Several forms of Qigong movements are beneficial to the musculoskeletal system, and are potentially helpful as complementary treatment for arthritis.

The Muscle/Tendon Change Classic or Yijin Jing (yi means change; jin means tendons and sinews; jing means methods) is a series of Qigong exercise concentrated on specific breathing and mental concentration, combined with relatively intense exercise movements aimed at strengthening muscles and tendons. This allows the individual to develop flexibility and strength without putting too much tension on the joints.

Another form of the Qigong exercise is the Da Wu, which is a series of choreographed exercises primarily designed to lubricate joints and attract qi at the same time.

Qigong also has the Six Sounds Liu Zi Jue which actually uses different breathing techniques through mouth forms and pronunciations. Despite being heavily focused on breathing, it also incorporates slow and graceful movements which are suitable for people with arthritis. It promotes muscle strength and flexibility.

The Five Animals Frolics or Wu Qin Xi mimics different animal movements—tigers, deers, bears, monkeys and birds. Each has its own characteristic behaviors which are adapted by the humans to strengthen muscles and bones, another benefit for people with arthritis.

Since Qigong generally combines strength with softness, several people with arthritis have chosen Qigong as part of their lives and have found significant effect in relieving the pain and improving their expanse of movement.



Famous Personalities with Arthritis

Arthritis strikes young and old people alike. Some of the famous celebrities and known personalities are not spared from arthritis, too. Even some athletes who have been active most of their lives are not spared from this autoimmune disease.

Take a look at some of the celebrities and athletes who have been diagnosed with arthritis.

Movie and Television Celebrities

Neve Campbell

arthritis, neve campbell arthritis, osteoarthritis

She is a Canadian actress famous for her portrayal of her role as Julia Salinger in the television series Party of Five and Sidney Prescott in the Scream movies. She also starred in The Craft and Wild Things, among her other movies. Her latest project is the Lifetime original movie entitled An Amish Murder which was just recently released. She has arthritis in her neck and hips. She also had surgery in her feet although it was not clear if it was because of arthritis.

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